Dream Center Living is a safe, 9-month, Christian Men’s residential program on the campus of Kingdom City Church. DCL is for men seeking a sober life through Christ free of life controlling issues. Residents will be expected to have an ardent desire for the spiritual environment the DCL program strives to foster. It is DCL’s goal to empower men through the restorative power of Jesus Christ. The vision of Dream Center Living is to connect men to restoration and freedom allowing them to become fully functioning members of society.


Dream Center Living is intended for men leaving prison or rehab who profess faith in Christ. All residents will have a history of choices that leads to them needing the program, but the program is intended for men who want a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ. An intake process will assess a potential resident’s desire for recovery and the spiritual environment the program intends to offer.


To create a positive, spiritual environment where the participants feel safe, secure, and have all their basic needs met. To enable participants to become spiritually alive, emotionally stable, physically healthy, and socially active in all aspects of society. To produce graduates that will be true disciples of Christ and messengers of hope, fulfilling the great commission to make disciples of all nations that will radically transform the world.

2212 SW 55th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73119

Email:  info@dcokc.org
Phone: 405-634-2615


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