We are so excited that you have made the decision to join us…and not just us, but a cause, a mission, no…a movement! We are obsessed with our calling to reach, rescue, and restore those isolated by poverty in OKC and make dreams come true. We have a rich history of finding needs and filling them, but most importantly, we have a vast future of unleashing hope into our city wherever we have the opportunity. We are focused and openminded, organized and ready to adjust to however the needs in our city may change over the days, weeks, and years. We are able to do this because we are a “WE”, not just a “you” or “me”.

Together we can make a huge, heart-shaped hole in poverty and its effects in our city.Together, we get to accomplish something great…changed lives! Together, we get to grow and push forward one of the greatest missions ever…dreams coming true!

We can’t express enough how excited we are to have you on this journey with us. So let’s get to it. No more time to waste. There’s work to be done and people to be joined to the cause. Welcome to one of the most fulfilling missions ever!

Chase Parsons
Executive Director | Co-Founder


  • Invest time in Kids & Youth – We’re doing prevention work with 200 kids and youth through mentoring, homework help, afterschool programs, athletic teams, and mid-week classes.
  • Build relationships by Meeting Basic Needs – Building restorative relationships with adults starts with meeting basic needs. Our food pantry, clothing closet, and seasonal drives let us build relationships and offer resources to people trapped in poverty, addictions, sex trafficking, and so much more.
  • Support adults in reaching their goals – Volunteer in our Community Resource Center to connect adults with housing, employment, and other resources.
  • Community Outreach & Events – Adopt-A-Block and block parties get volunteers into the streets and building relationships with children and adults in need.


What we do together is an example to the whole world.  We welcome partners and teams from near and far to volunteer and give to help us push back darkness in our city.  Mission teams who would like to serve for a week and interns who could serve for a semester or year are also needed. If your missions team would like more info, check out our Short Term Missions page, our internship program, or contact us for more information.

2212 SW 55th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73119

Email:  info@dcokc.org
Phone: 405-634-2615


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